Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Relay for Life Fundraiser

My work has posted information regarding our local Relay for Life - Cancer never sleeps event.  Trying to think outside of the box on what I can do to raise funds for this, and of course use my cricut to enjoy crafting at the same time, I remembered I had seen cups that sold like crazy at another event I participated in.

And... it was perfect timimg to try out vinyl on my cricut machine.  I ended up getting the vinyl cheap from a sticker making company, I bought their scraps and purchased the cups with nothing on them.  here's what I made.  We're selling them for $10 each and 90% of the proceeds will be donated to Relay for Life.  I'm hoping these go, I was excited to make them, I'll be even more excited if I can't keep up with the orders. 

If you're interested in donations, please e-mail me at and I'll be more than happy to help!


  1. I really like these! Vinyl on cups is awesome. I did one that says "my best friend has paws" then did a row of paw prints. I take it with me to events for the animal shelter I volunteer at.
    Your work is beautiful...thanks for sharing!!

  2. I really love these!

    Cricut Chick

  3. These are awesome! I LOVE them. You are super creative Miss Sarah!