Thursday, August 25, 2011

Flags a flyin'

At my work, if we have a question about something we’re doing (I have a detailed job), we have to ring a bell, something like you would see at an old fashion diner *ding* and raise up a flag.  Then quality coaches or technical support specialists come and help with our questions.  When it was my turn to come onto the floor and make a flag, I knew what I had at home and a folder that simply said Help on it was not going to work for me J  I made one for me and a co-worker, since then, people have started requesting them.  I just send out a sheet with my cartridge designs and let them pick what they want and what colors.  I do charge for them but not more than what my cost is to make them.  Here’s the first 2 I started with and below were ones requested.

This last one was fun to make, he'd picked 2 cut-outs from the wildlife lite cart he wanted together in a scene.  I had nothing that resembled a log or rocks for the bear to stand on so I cut out a bunch of mushrooms in different sizes, cut off the tops and wrinkled them so they look like rocks.  Kind of a proud moment for myself.  lol

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