Thursday, August 25, 2011

Game Name Signs

At work, once a year, our team gets together to do some team-building activities off-site from the office.  This year we had a fun “picnic in the park” event.  We all went to a gorgeous park not too far from the office at 1:30.  I was asked by our fun committee to make signs for the games they had come up with.  They gave the theme of Minute to Win it, I had never heard of this game before but the games they planned on sounded hilarious.  I was given the names and a brief description of what the games entailed so I could make the signs correspond to the events.  Here are the game name signs I created. The dice are the only 3-D effects on the boards but I have to say that Rapid Fire was my all time favorite, I was proud of myself for being able to create this by just using an image my husband had in a magazine.  It was really nice to hear the comments at the event when people asked “where did we get the signs, they’re nice” Then to see the expression on their faces when they heard I made them.  Makes my heart smile J

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