Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thank you thank you thank you

My parent's came up from California to visit us for a week and my mom wanted to take some time and make cards, I talk all the time about what I'm making and she's always wanted to play too.  While she was here, she visited some family and friends and decided she wanted to make thank you cards for them.  I have a small collection of carts, and can you believe it, none of them had a pine tree like she wanted to use for her cards.  She had a vision and I could not help her create it.  I started up my design studio and she went to town.  I think she's a natural at this, must be where I get my creative mind from, even though she would deny it.  She used a banner triangle and created a pine tree, I showed her how to hide the contours for the holes and we cut out different sizes of this tree, then she used the cuttle bug to add some design to them.  I taught her about chalking edges, stamping, and my favorite... pop dots.  lol.  Here are her cards, they are by far amazing :)  Way to go Mom!  If we just lived a bit closer, we'd be doing this all the time.  lol.

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  1. super cute!!!!!!! I love when I get to create with my mom!! I love the cards!!