Thursday, April 26, 2012

Congrats on your Promotion

A friend of mine from work was recently promoted into an acting team lead position.  She moved into a cubical with actual walls and was joked with many times about not having anything on her walls.  Well, another friend and I decided we would fix it up for her.  Her favorite football team is the Oakland Raiders.  We bought black and white streamer, printed about 20 raiders clip art pictures, and decorated wall to wall of her new office.  I immediately thought this would be a perfect opportunity to make a banner.  I found a shield like the raiders use on the campin critter cartridge.  I cut it out in 3 different sizes and layered them, then cut her name out of Ashlyn's Alphabet.  I added some stitching and a few decorative gems then strung it all together with sheer grey ribbon. 
here's the final outcome, it's a bit hard to see the grey with my tan wall behind it but I sure liked the way it looks. 

here's a close up of the details.  

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