Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gotta love a nice bouquet

Hi there! My husband bought me a gorgeous bouquet of my favorite flowers for our anniversary in June and unfortunately I was unable to preserve them at their brightest. :). But I was left with a quaint country type vase. It's more of a tin bucket but I absolutely love it! It's been sitting on my desk just asking to be filled.
I recently got the art philosophy cartridge and have been eager to play!
I chose some country patterned paper and went to town.

I cut out a dozen roses, 2 from each pattern. Along with corresponding leaves. I cut dowels about 12" in length then used a burning technique to antique them. Each of the roses I added stickles to for accent as well as the leaves.
I love the way they all turned out and the best part is, I won't have to worry about them wilting!



  1. love the flowers