Saturday, December 29, 2012

Reindeer Food

Hi there,

Here's another little gift I made for my craft fairs this year.  When my family came to visit, we took a trip to the beloved Hobby Lobby and my brother found these adorable little jars with the cork tops.  (well, adorable is not what he labeled them but still)

I filled each one with dry oatmeal, red cookie sprinkles, and some snowflake sprinkles to add festivity to it.  I topped each one with red and white twine and stamped this adorable reindeer from the Reindeer Magic stamp set from Jaded Blossom.  Under the little reindeer image is a really cute poem from the same stamp set that reads:
Magic Reindeer Food
Just a sprinkle on the lawn at night,
The moon will make it sparkle bright.
As Santa's reindeer fly and roam,
This treat will guide them to your home.

I just love it and I can't wait until I start a family of my own to begin using these fun holiday traditions.

~ Enjoy


  1. tooo cute !!! love the little bottle you put the food in !!!

  2. Well aren't these adorable!! Love those little jars!