Friday, February 1, 2013 winners!

Got cha... not really any winners today..
Other than those that get these ribbons for their chili cook off here at work.

One of our departments is having a chili cook off today and I was asked to make ribbons for the rewards.

I was able to use scrap paper to make them, as much as I struggle with rosettes, I was able to get 3 nice ones out of the mess I made. Ha.

And of course it gave me a perfect excuse to go ribbon shopping... cause, it's not like I don't have enough at home.

For each ribbon, I made 3" rosettes and cut out scalloped circles one in the placing color and another smaller one in white. 
I chalked the edges of the white one with the placing color and used stickles to draw on the placing numbers.
I cut out a white scalloped circle and staggered the ribbons with hot glue then glued the scalloped circle on the back to make it a clean backing. 
I also had square magnets that I glued on to the backs so people here at work could easily put them on their cubicles.

I hope you like them, I sure do.


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