Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Baby Ashley Rose

I got a Cameo for Christmas this year and have been so intimidated by it, I just recently pushed the power button. And let me say, where have you been my whole life you gorgeous little machine! I'm in love at the ease of this and how it has renewed my excitement in creating images. Ok... enough plugging Silhouette (I really love it though!)

This goes along with yesterday's post for the baby shower. Those of you who have followed me for a while know that I have a passion for making banners. I just love how every one turns out different and the designs are endless. This one is for my cousin's baby girl.

The banner border and the 3-d flower were both purchase from the sillhouette online store. I added gems and pearls to the border.  The flower I curled all the edges up and then chalked the edges with white to add more color dimension to it.  I used a white brad in the center to keep them all together. 

I just love how this came out, stay tuned for more cameo projects from me.  it's my new favorite thing!

~ Enjoy~

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  1. Your banners always have such detail! I love them!! Beautiful!