Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Tree Card

This card was another that was a bit out of the box for me.  
Another Silhouette library image I've had for a while.  
I was really excited to see how it turned out.  
I wanted it to look a little aged which is why i chose the colors and patterns that are on the card.
This ended up being another card my husband used to pass out to a client at work and she absolutely loved it, she ranted and raved about it for a few minutes and then showed it to everyone in the office.  It's moments like those that I really enjoy about this hobby.  I like making things that people get excited over and make them smile.

total pieces:
6 paper cut outs
6 gems

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Polar Bear Greeting Card

This one was sooooo much fun to make.  
I love how it turned out and it was really hard not to keep it for myself.

My husband has the privilege of working at the WSU Grizzly Bear facility not too far out of town.  He wanted to have a Christmas card created for them.  

Now, I know it's not a grizzly bear but I just couldn't pass up this cutie.  
Shape cards are always so much fun and I truly like them even better when all the pieces go together as planned.  haha.