Sunday, March 27, 2016

Cutting boards, cutting board,s and more cutting boards

Hi all!!

It's been a few months since I've posted but no need to worry, I have pictures of all of my creations.

Today I wanted to share the cutting boards I worked on recently.  Some are very similar to those I have shared in the past.  Some others have fun special stories that I'll share along the way.

Of course we had to share the seahawks love around the Washington area!

This was my new design for the year.  Everyone I shared it with seemed to really love it.  You'll be seeing more of this design in another post a bit down the road


A few different versions of my original this house runs best on love laughter and lots of Jack Daniels.

This board turned out really nice.  It was for a housewarming gift for a sweet couple who recently bought their first home

Ok... fun story with this one.  I was approached at a craft fair asking about a custom order, something with wolfs and the word wolfpack.  The gentleman asking for the board was in his late 60's and seemed a bit shy about asking for it.  I instanlty thought of the movie Hangover but was almost positive he had another reason.  Nope, he said he hangs out with his son and a group of his son's friends, they are all in their 30's - He is known as grandpa wolf.  haha.  Loved it!!

This one was another super fun challenge.  I was asked by a couple at my last show of the season to create a board with a 54 ford pick up on it.  They showed me the picture of his dad's truck and I went to work.  I searched high and low for hours to find a picture that I really liked and that would do his truck justice on a piece of glass.  Finally... I came across the original blue prints from the Ford website and created this little number.  They were beyond excited and even happier to know that it was from the actual Ford website images.

I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed making them!!


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