Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cards - 3D flowers and washi tape

Hi all, time for a paper project, since it's been a while :)
In October, I took a trip to California and while I was there, I attended a Scrapbook Expo and took some classes with my cousin.  We learned how to make these 3D flowers in multiple sizes.  I've been putting off playing around with them because that's just what I seem to do when I get a new product that looks intimating. haha.

It's pretty exciting to see what you can turn just a blank white piece of paper into with a few simple tools.

I made this Jaded Blossom card and accented it with some flowers that I made.  I really like the colors on this one.

 For this card, I tried a few different things that I've never used before on cards.  The flowers, 2 different sizes.  I like how the big one turned out because it's wrinkled, sort of adds a different type of dimension to it.  The purple and yellow background on this one is all made out of decorative tape placed on a white sheet of paper.  The tape is called washi tape and I have had a few rolls but never really knew what to do with them.  During the Expo, I took another class with my cousin that talked about anew line of product that was coming out and how to use them.

Hope you like them, I look forward to challenging my self with more new products soon.


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