Friday, April 22, 2016

Personalized Wine Glasses

Recently a lady at work retired after 28 years of service at my work.  The team put together a basket for her with tons of goodies that she always talked about.  She was constantly joking around about wine and her goofy sense of humor.  I knew once someone said they would buy wine for the basket, we had to make her some sort of glasses to add to it.

A little bit of background:  Melanie is very outgoing and loves dragons and Renaissance type decor.  At one point, she was telling us as a running joke in her family, they bought a life-size family of skeletons and place them in their friends and nephew's homes when they go to visit.  Through out the years,the skeleton family has grown to include a cat and dog as well.

I was scanning through some clip art trying to find a fun dragon image and the skeleton image came up.  It was a must use!  I was so excited.  I then went on a font website and downloaded a Renaissance type font to use for their names.  I really liked how they came out and she was over the moon excited about them when she opened up the basket.  


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