Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Custom Designed Clothing

This post will be very picture heavy.  There have been a number of clothing items I've made recently and haven't posted about.  I wanted to display them all at once so that you weren't bored seeing them one by one.  I will of course have descriptions and information attached to each one shown below.

 These are some work out pants that my cousin requested.  I think they are hilarious and the whole time I kept thinking about making ones that say oh my quad Becky, look at her butt.  ha.  Oh that song!! 

These next 2 pink tees are youth small, I made them for my nieces for valentine's day.  They wear them as night shirts now and of course they look adorable in them... I am a bit partial though :)

This sweatshirt has become one of my all time favorites.  I designed it for my best friend who has a bow accented in pink.  She wore it when she visited me and it was great to hear all the people commenting on how neat it was.  I made myself on on a grey sweatshirt and the girl and arrow are both in a dark teal color.  I see more of these in my future.  The possibilities are endless.

OOh. another fun one!  I got to go to a Luke Bryan concert with some family/friends back and I wanted so badly to make a shirt for a friend of mine.  She came up with the saying she wanted and gave me free rein on how to design it.  I really like how it came out and I've seen her wear it a few times which is fun to see as well.

I hope you like them so far.  Sorry there's not much of a design theme in this post.  I promise there will be more to come.  I've got lots of projects I've been holding onto that I need to post and share.


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